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elementals by diane

I just LOVE soapmaking! As a graphic designer and nature lover,I

began making soap as a hobby and in response to the skin

problems that members of my family were experiencing.

We used the soap and began to share and experiment. Everyone

enjoyed improvement in their skins' elasticity and texture and tone.


I believe in the wisdom of Nature, and in a setting just a few short

miles outside of Atlanta, most of that inspiration finds it's way

into new nourishing soaps.


We make our soap from scratch in the 'cold process' soapmaking

method.Our ingredients begin with a mixture of distilled water

and sodium hydroxide (lye), which is the basis for saponification

of the following oils: Olive oil, Palm oil, Lard, Coconut oil, Canola oil,

Palm Kernal oil, Sweet Almond oil, Shea Butter and beeswax for

hardness. Not all soaps contain all these ingredients, however we

offer vegan varieties for those who wish to avoid animal oils.

After the ingredients are blended, herbs, essential oils, and other

botanical ingredients are added for therapeutic quality and fragrance.

We NEVER use any chemicals or artificial colorings. Some of our

soaps may contain fragrance oils unavailable in nature. Other

soaps are fragrance and color free.

Formed in wooden molds, the soaps are hand cut, and must cure

for at least 4 weeks. After curing, bars are hand wrapped, labeled and

ready to be shipped. A lot of time and love goes into each bar and

that's what we'd like to share with you.


Peace and contentment to you all!